About us

We are students and graduates of universities abroad. We help people with fulfilling their dreams about university studies across borders of their home country. Join us and get an experience not that many people have - become a graduate of a foreign university!

Who we are?

I-STUDY is a team of young people who decided to motivate and encourage students to go and study abroad. We all have experience with studies and life abroad and some of us are still studying abroad.

Why we do it?

We believe that studies abroad is the best experience we could get in our lives. It is an amazing and unforgettable experience for the whole life and we believe everyone should try studying and living in another country.

Our mission is your success and we believe studying abroad is the right choice. If you are interested in it, go for it, you will never regret it!

We would like to be an inspiration that it is worth to go out of your comfort zone and open to new possibilities offered by the world.

We would like to motivate young people to follow their dreams and get experiences across boundaries of their countries.

We believe that any experience from abroad strengthens, inspires, motivates and makes life better.

What we do?

We help students with application to Bachelor and Master degrees in Denmark, Swede, Finland, UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. We base our services on individual and friendly approach, students are our first priority.

We share our experiences from living and studying abroad at fairs (Gaudeamus in the Czech Republic). In 2017, we organised own study abroad fair, DREAM BIG 2017.

We deliver motivational presentations at Czech high schools, showing after-high-school opportunities to the students.

We provide leaflets and brochures about university studies abroad to schools.